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How can we make HTTP Server in our windows machine

Hi, guys today we learn How can we make HTTP Server in our windows machine .its a very simple just following simple step. Before we need Everything Software just click and download.Here I am accept you download and install everything software .then go to everything and click just tools >option >HTTP >HTTP Service enable how to transfer file windows to linuxhow to transfer file windows to linux                                         You can also follow screen short                                                                            then we press WINDOWS+R  >RUM windows in type cmd then will look command prompt  we just type (ipconfig) then command prompt show out ip addresshow to transfer file windows to linuxthen open any browser in put your ip address                  HTTP server

Then you will look like this folder /directory in your browser .HTTP server  you can open any browser in .its also open in your smartphone or tablet and transfer your data without data cable but if u don’t, have real ip address then you can transfer data in single network like one wi-fi or LAN network.