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File system in Redhat Linux Server

Hello guys today we will discuss about file system in Linux. We know  thousand of file stored in heard disk. every operating system follows standard protocol for the store and manages data .when any operating system manage and store  data in  different directory and different folders that call file system.To store data on the hard disk partition role of file system.

On a UNIX system, everything is a file; if something is not a file, it is a process.sleshroot

/bin=This directory is a collection of Linux binary utility program  if we have to install any programs on Linux is to create the binary in this collection is the use of Linux in the directory also contains a collection of commands

/Sbin=In this  directory of all the commands related to Linux and Linux are binary collection binary system in this directory are all over the Sbin known for it which means the binary system

/boot=Information in this directory is the boot-related Linux has started, which is loaded at the time Knrl Jese- operating system version, etc. 

/tmp =this is a collection of all Temporary files when system reboot all files areautomatically clean all temporary files.  

/etc=In this directory we linux all configuration file if we have install any linux package thin his configuration file also install in this directory. 

/pro =in this directory in include linux related all heardware information 

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By Vishnu Sharma