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how to convert heard disk type GPT to MBR

hello guys today we will learn how to convert our system heard disk style GPT(GUID partition table) to MBR(Master boot record) its a very Simple process. we have two way to change disk style during windows installation and on screen windows system .If you install new operating system  and your system is show partition Error like this then you follow just simple stepmdr

Step1 go to windows installation Screen and type Shift+F10 then your system in open Command Prompt. then we will type just Disk part in Command Prompt 


Step2 then we type List Disk

Step3 now Select our disk which you want change style Select Disk

Step4 then type clean (clean Commands through your disk will be clean /Delete if you not want Clean disk then not use )

Step 5 now type Convert mbr  then your disk will be convert gpt to mbr style 


if you have any problem in this process so Comment Here i will solve your Problem

you can also watch this video

Thank you

by Vishnu Sharma


how to on Telnet client service in Windows 8.1/7/10

hello guys today we will learn how to on our windows system in telnet client Service . before we know what is telnet client and why we need in windows .actually client/server computing  in we  need to be able to send data to and receive data from a host/Server. we use telnet in terminal or commands prompt .we can send and receive data through this service and we also be able remote login one system to another system .

so you just follow me and look how to on  in telnet clients features. it’s a very simple you just follow me with screen short

Step 1 we will go to control panel and select programs icons

telnet clients

Step2 then we will select turn windows features on offtelnet clients

Step 3 then open Windows features windows  we will select Telnet client  and click on ok telnet Clients

Step 4 -after click ok windows system will be take some time in features on then your telnet service is on you can able to use telnet features 

If you have any problem is this process please comments i will help you

Thank you

By Vishnu Sharma

How to make bootable pen driver

hii guys today we will discuss how can can we  make bootable pen drive .when we should install new operating system then we need windows CD .if we don’t have any windows CD .Then we will Creating a bootable pen drive is very easy to create a bootable pen drive that would benefit us in any system we can install any operating system. Installation of the system bootable pen drive would mean the ISO file of the same system that we have created in pen drive Boot Then install it in the system by operating system software is required to do this. If you have a YUMI software you can download latest version on the Internet or Click this link, you will find  Continue reading

How can we make HTTP Server in our windows machine

Hi, guys today we learn How can we make HTTP Server in our windows machine .its a very simple just following simple step. Before we need Everything Software just click and download.Here I am accept you download and install everything software .then go to everything and click just tools >option >HTTP >HTTP Service enable how to transfer file windows to linuxhow to transfer file windows to linux                                         You can also follow screen short                                                                            then we press WINDOWS+R  >RUM windows in type cmd then will look command prompt  we just type (ipconfig) then command prompt show out ip addresshow to transfer file windows to linuxthen open any browser in put your ip address                  HTTP server

Then you will look like this folder /directory in your browser .HTTP server  you can open any browser in .its also open in your smartphone or tablet and transfer your data without data cable but if u don’t, have real ip address then you can transfer data in single network like one wi-fi or LAN network.

How can we know wifi password when we connect through router

hello friends today i will told you how can we know wi-fi password when we connect our wi-fi. its a very simple trick just follow simple steps. At fast go to control panel and open network and sharing center and click change adapter setting just follow step : control panel > Network and Internet>network and Sharing Center / then select abapter setting >wi-fi >status  >Wireless properties>security Continue reading

How to download video from you tube without any softwar

hello friends today i will telling you .how can we download video through you tube without any software its a very simple .

Step 1–open you tube

Step 2– just click on  video which u like Continue reading

How Can We Improve Our Computer Speed and Performance

Today i am telling about better computer’s performance. How  we can increase Computer Speed.So i am telling about Something  useful trick with a screen short But before we need to know  why our computer system Become slow  .When we install software and games  in system then automaticaly become  shortcut on  desktop so we need we will naver keep large shotcut on desktop many time computer can be  affected by virus  so we can also install antivirus but I describe without antivirus  how take safe and secure. Over system have also many useful tools we can increase our speed without antivirus describe some trick . hear i telling some trick with screen short we can make better computer speed .

  • at fast we go to system configration window >services  and stop all unnecessary program

window key + R msconfig

temp file

  • Then open  window system configration through we will stop all unnecessary  services

system configration window

Windows operating system have also  system tools system configration windows have many option  this window

we will clean all temprory file

windows key+R > just type temp


  • click ok then open temp folder delete all file

windows key +R >type just prefetch


  • windows key +R %temp%


clean up

Windows operating system also provide some useful tools the help increasing over system speed like  disc fragmentation and disc cleanup