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how to connect Filezilla using ssh port

Hello guys in this article we are going to learn how to make FileZilla connection using ssh port and private key. follow below step

->Open Filezilla
->Top bar click on “edit” tab
->Then dropdown will open in bottom of dropdown menu
->Then click on settings
->Settings popup will open
In popup sidebar there is a SFTP after click on that there is a “add key file” button then brows
the Serve(your host).ppk file
->Then on top of file zila there is three 4 columns fill these define below
Add Host name : your hostname (ipaddress)
Add username: ubuntu (my case in my username is ubuntu)
Add port: 22
->click on Quick connect
after connection successfull
after connection successfull
click on .. folder as seen in screen shot
after opening that folder two another folder will show
click as same on .. as shown in screen shot
after that another folders will show in that click on var folder
click on www folder
then right click on html folder
if you have any problem in this process please comments here I will see your problem or error. If  possible i will gave you solution otherwise like and follow my blog
Author– Aditi Sharma  ( PHP Programmer )