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How to configure Stelnet in redhat linux server

hello guys today we will discuss about secure telnet Server. basically secure telnet is a custom telnet its same copy of telnet server but here we will configure with our customize port.If you  want to know how to configure simple telnet server so click on link. before we telnet package in our linux machine. if we want we can install every type package easily  so  we need  to Yum server configuration you just click on link and look how to configure yum. Stelnet Server

Here I agree that you have configured YUM server in your machine

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How to configure NFS (Network File System )server in linux redhat

hello guys today we will configure NFS server in Linux redhat.if we configure  NFS Server in our Linux machine we can share easily  data each other easily. actually NFS server in share folder take real  space on server but all connected system in show visually. Linux server in NFS server is a very batter source of data sharing. so if you want to configure NFS server in your system so before configure YUM server in your system. yum Server is a very important in Linux we can install any package easily through YUM server. if you want to know how to configure yum server in our linux machine so click link and look

NFS server   here i agree you install yum server in your linux machine .then we start next Continue reading