how to on Telnet client service in Windows 8.1/7/10

hello guys today we will learn how to on our windows system in telnet client Service . before we know what is telnet client and why we need in windows .actually client/server computing  in we  need to be able to send data to and receive data from a host/Server. we use telnet in terminal or commands prompt .we can send and receive data through this service and we also be able remote login one system to another system .

so you just follow me and look how to on  in telnet clients features. it’s a very simple you just follow me with screen short

Step 1 we will go to control panel and select programs icons

telnet clients

Step2 then we will select turn windows features on offtelnet clients

Step 3 then open Windows features windows  we will select Telnet client  and click on ok telnet Clients

Step 4 -after click ok windows system will be take some time in features on then your telnet service is on you can able to use telnet features 

If you have any problem is this process please comments i will help you

Thank you

By Vishnu Sharma


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