How can we access redhat linux in windows through VNC

hello, guys today we will learn how can we access Linux in windows. it’s  a totally graphical presentation. like team viewer we will login in windows to Linux graphically. we will use  VNC Software  in windows. If u have real IP address you can also access remotely.

When we have Linux in virtual box or same LAN  network in then we can access otherwise we need real ip address. so before we will make our windows machine  HTTP Server .its a very simple just click on my link and look how to make HTTP server in windows . so if you want do it follow my instruction.


Step 1-  here i am accepted you will  install VNC software .if you  do not install so click  VNC link and download  vnc

Step 2 -then start your Linux and an go to SYSTEM >Perferences >Remote Desktop and click VNC

Step 3– then look your Linux machine ip address


then off your Linux firewall

#iptables -F

#setenforce 0

step 4 then go to the windows machine and type your Linux IP address in vnc connection windows vnc then go to Linux and  click ALLOW vnc then your Linux will be accessed on your windows

IF u can’t access so please comment your problem i will solution your problem

thank you

by vishnu sharma


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