How can we transfer file or data Windows to Redhat linux server

hii guys today we will learn .how can we connect windows to redhat linux server and transfer file .Its all process we will done between virtual box and windows machine. if you want you can also done in real linux machine. So this process in we need our windows machine or system become  Http server. so we can make very easy through third party software Everything. if you don’t have everything software just click on everything link and download .

let start -after Everything installation .we will look like this screen how to transfer file windows to linux                if you can’t look  clearly any screen short . so click on screen short and get clear picture

Step 1- go to Everything windows and click Tools >Options> HTTP server > and  just on Enable http server  like this screen shorthow to transfer file windows to linuxStep 2- Then look your windows IP Address.just go to command prompt >and type ipconfig now u can look your ip address how to transfer file windows to linux

Srep 3- then open your Redhat linux server go to terminal and type just windows IP Address.

Open your terminal type just #elinks ( note-here type your windows ip address)elink &every thing

and  we can download any file or data .here i download Rchl5.4 redhat linux server iso file

just look all process file transfer windows between linux follow just proper way so you will found success . if you  unfournatuly  found any error in this process so please comments .i will solution your Error

Thank you

by vishnu sharma


1 thought on “How can we transfer file or data Windows to Redhat linux server

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