How to configure multiuser in Cisco packet tracer

hello guys today we will discuss Cisco packet tracer in multiuser .my last post  in we  configure dhcp and ftp server . Here we configure  DHCP server in multiserver .At fast we will open two Cisco packet tracer windows and following just simple steps multi user Step 1 – before we will make like this structure .  Cisco packet tracer Windows 1 in we will make 1 DHCP server 1 switch  two pc one multiuser  and  Windows 2 in 1 switch 2 pc here no need to take multiuser its automatic born .just follow step like this  like thismultiuser configureStep 2- At fast we will look windows 1 and windows 2 in free switch  port . so move your mouse on switch and wait narration. we can look free port description  in narration like this.multi user configure in Step 3– then go to  windows 1 Extensions > multiuser > Port visibility  and select your free port .like same process in windows 2                             .multiuser configuration iStep 4– this step in we follow just go to  windows 1 Extensions > multiuser > Listin then we will provide same password in both windows and look both windows in click prompt multiuser lab Step 5– then we go to window 1 and we will click on multiuser multiuser configurationThen we found automatic windows 2 in permission like this.multiusr configureStep 5– when we will accept  incoming Peer connection  then automatic born multiuser then we will take Copper-cross wir and connect to switch with given portmultiuser configure Then we will connected each-other windows .now we can provide ip address through DHCP server.

Thank you

by vishnu sharma


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