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How Can We Improve Our Computer Speed and Performance

Today i am telling about better computer’s performance. How  we can increase Computer Speed.So i am telling about Something  useful trick with a screen short But before we need to know  why our computer system Become slow  .When we install software and games  in system then automaticaly become  shortcut on  desktop so we need we will naver keep large shotcut on desktop many time computer can be  affected by virus  so we can also install antivirus but I describe without antivirus  how take safe and secure. Over system have also many useful tools we can increase our speed without antivirus describe some trick . hear i telling some trick with screen short we can make better computer speed .

  • at fast we go to system configration window >services  and stop all unnecessary program

window key + R msconfig

temp file

  • Then open  window system configration through we will stop all unnecessary  services

system configration window

Windows operating system have also  system tools system configration windows have many option  this window

we will clean all temprory file

windows key+R > just type temp


  • click ok then open temp folder delete all file

windows key +R >type just prefetch


  • windows key +R %temp%


clean up

Windows operating system also provide some useful tools the help increasing over system speed like  disc fragmentation and disc cleanup